Starting March 26th, we'll dedicate a whole weekend (from 5am on Saturday to 5am on Monday, CET) to one of your favourite boy bands. We'll play all of their hits every half hour for 48 hours! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!.

We've created a poll where you can vote once every day. Don't worry if your favourite band is not there, just select "other" and specify which one you're referring to in the comments section, your votes will automatically be added. Start voting right now.

When the winning band is chosen, it will be removed from the poll to give the chance to other bands to be featured on our station.

Share the voice!

1st winners: CAUGHT IN THE ACT. They will be our featured band on the 26th and 27th of March. 
Winners 2nd week: WESTLIFE. They will be our featured band on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

PS: Don't vote for them, but keep voting for the rest of the bands. 

Winners 1st week: CAUGHT IN THE ACT
Winners 2nd week: WESTLIFE
Winners 3rd week: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK
Don't vote for these bands, as your votes will not be taken into account.
Which band deserves to be the featured boy band next weekend?
Take That
Westlife (winners 2nd week. Don't vote for them)
Caught In The Act (winners 1st week. Don't vote for them)
New Kids On The Block (winners 3rd week. Don't vote for them)
Worlds Apart
Backstreet Boys
The Wanted
East 17
One Direction
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