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Eloy de Jong, Bastiaan Ragas, Benjamin Boyce and Lee Baxter were the English/Dutch boyband Caught In The Act.
Caught In The Act
From: The Netherlands & The UK
Members: Eloy de Jong, Bastiaan Ragas, Lee Baxter, (Benjamin Boyce).
Years active: 1993 - 1999 and since 31st December 2015.
Big in... Germany and some other central and northern European countries.
Biggest hit: Their second album "Forever Friends" got to number 2 on the German Charts.
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Caught in the Act (CITA) was an boy band that was founded in 1992 by Cees van Leeuwen and was active until 1998. Their members came from the UK (Benjamin and Lee) and the Netherlands (Eloy and Bastiaan).

They had a big success in German-speaking countries after appearing in the RTL soap opera "Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten" in 1994. Between 1995 and 1998 they released several top ten hits including "Love is Everywhere", "Don't Walk Away" and "Baby Come Back". After three successful studio albums, the band released a greatest hits compilation, called "We belong together: 6 years of success". When Caught in the Act disbanded, they released one final studio album "Solo 4 C.I.T.A." and the final single "I wanna stay with you forever", whose video contained footage of all previous music videos. The album itself also contained, as the title revealed, solo material sung by each band member. 

Foto: Aida Vrbas. Source: CITA Facebook.

 In January 2015 CD box with all released singles was published and shortly after that, the four band members met for the first time since their separation. The band members were working on a possible reunion that actually took place at the turn of 2015/16 when Caught in the Act performed in front of the Brandenburger Tor. The appearance marked the beginning of a reunion that takes place but without Boyce, who decided in favor of his solo career. On December 29, 2015 Love Is Everywhere 2016 was released.

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Caught in the Act released four studio albums and a compilation album:

Caught In The Act Of Love (1995)
Forever Friends (1996)
Vibe (1997)
We Belong Together (Six Years Of Success) (1998)
Solo 4 C.I.T.A. (1998)

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Here's our Caught In The Act Top 5. Click on the songs to listen to them and download them from iTunes:

5. Let This Love Begin
4. Baby Come Back
3. We Belong Together
2. Do It For Love
1. Love Is Everywhere

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