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Timothy Andrew Cruz, John Steven Sutherland & Blair Madison Late were the second line-up of Americna boyband B3.
From: USA
Members: Timothy Andrew Cruz, John Steven Sutherland & Rod Michael. The latter was replaced by Blair Madison Late
Years active: 2001 - 2004
Big in... Germany and Austria
Biggest hit: Their version of "IOIO" reached number 4 on the German charts
B3 was an American pop boy band from New York. They were formed in 2001. Listen to them on BoybandsRadio.

Rod Michael, John Sutherland and Tim Cruz met in New York in the year 2000. Rod was involved in several television projects, John was at the Broadway Dance Center on stage and also often in front of the camera and Tim was part of another boyband called React. Together they formed the band B3 whose first hit was the cover of the Bee Gees "You Win Again", which was followed by "Night Fever" and the summer hit "IOIO", which went gold in the summer of 2002 in Germany. In between, they released their first album called "First", composed of 12 Bee Gees versions and one written by Rod Michael (Where I'll Be).

In late September 2002, however, Rod Michael got out of the band, but was quickly replaced by Blair. With him John and Tim had already released the song "Tonight And Forever" in November. It was their first self-written song to be released. They released their sophomore album called NYB3 and a toured Germany in 2003. They paused a couple of times before releasing the single "Can't Fight The Feeling" and the third and final album "Living For The Weekend".

The separation message appeared on November 10, 2004 in Bravo and one last farewell concert of B3 was performed on 11 December 2004.

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IOIO, You Win Again and You're My Angel are some of the hits by NYC boyband B3.
B3 released 3 studio albums:

First (2002)
N.Y.B3 (2003)
Living For The Weekend (2004)

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American boyband B3 were very famous in Germany in the early 2000s. Listen to them on Boybands Radio.

Here's our B3 top 5. Click on the songs to listen to them and download them from iTunes:
5. Tonight And Forever
4. You're My Angel
3. Can't Fight The Feeling
2. I.O.I.O.
1. You Win Again
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